"Make Do and Mend Your Addictions", November 2009.

Working alongside the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro the brief for this project was to create an artifact that could fit within the museums collection and would relate to issues of today's youth culture to attract younger visitors. My area of interest is binge drinking and this object is a domestic contraption that would measure drunkenness and give condescending advice in a post-binge. The aesthetics take influence from the 1950s "Make Do and Mend" mentality of re-using objects and materials. The main body is slab built ceramic pressed into found food packaging and a lace curtain found in a skip. Then combining with actual objects that I also found on the streets, in skips and even at the quarry give it an almost used quality. I have recently found out that this piece has been accessioned by the museum to be displayed within their collection!

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